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3 important customer service trends in 2015

Tips & Advice - June 9, 2015

One of the best ways of fostering brand loyalty with modern customers is through premier levels of customer service. Here are three trends to help you help you mold your service to better cater to today’s customer base.

Customers are multi-channel

Technology is changing the way people interact with the world. A recent Bloomberg prediction put global smartphone use will reach 2 billion people by the end of the year, and another study by HeyWire Business found that 52 percent of people prefer text messaging to current methods of customer service interaction. HeyWire continued, saying that over half of the people in the 18 to 34 demographic would rather communicate through electronic media than traditional phone calls when talking to customer support personnel.

Using service software to accurately store customer information can help companies prepare for different communication avenues and provide a greater level of support through those new methods.

Response time

Customers expect answers to their questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. A fast response implies  a greater respect for the customer and strengthens their opinion of your company.

So, how long is too long? A Toister Performance Solutions survey indicates that customers communication through email expect a response within four hours. That time drops for social media, as research by Convince and Convert shows that 42 percent of social media customers want to hear back within an hour.

Proactive engagement

As customer service moves away from traditional phone call models, the ability to be proactive in your support increases. Connected devices, customer data, field service software and other tools can help organizations become proactive in their approach, with more personalized customer interactions leading to faster issue resolution at lower costs.

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