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5 tips for better field team management

Tips & Advice - June 6, 2015

Technology has given business greater flexibility in how they operate. Things like field service software allow sales employees to stay in the field longer. While cutting out travel times to and from the office adds efficiency for employees, management is tasked with the greater responsibility of overseeing staff who are always on the go. Here are five tips for supervisors to better manage remote workers:

  • Hiring: Managing field employees is a lot easier if they are better suited to working remotely. When hiring, look for people who are flexible, self-regulating and communicate well. Working in the field can be stressful, so make sure they can handle it before they’re hired.
  • Training: Getting new hires up and running quickly is even more important with field employees. Onboarding needs to be thorough and specific. Initial training should be in person, either with a manger or a designated mentor. Once they’re in the field, on-going training is crucial to keep them aligned with company goals.
  • Communication: Don’t assume that remote staff means less communication. In order to manage effectively, more communication is always recommended. Field employees can often feel isolated, making them slow to adapt to company standards and procedures. Regardless of the form, make sure communication is regular and that they know management is always available.
  • Confidence: Confident field workers perform better. Don’t be afraid to let employees make a few mistakes while they’re new. Giving them a bit of autonomy will instill confidence and make them feel valued.
  • Verbal discipline: When disciplining an employee, nothing beats verbal communication. In person is the best, but a phone call is a good alternative. Don’t make them feel like they’re doing something wrong. Emphasize improvements and future action by talking about how to make their job more effective and efficient.

Remote staff oversight doesn’t have to be a hassle. Through the proper management of field employees, companies can exceed goals and achieve success.

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