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Troubleshooting the Intuit Sync Manager

Instructional Guide - May 28, 2015

On Quickbooks Desktop:

1. Try resetting the Intuit Sync Manager:

Help > Manage Data Sync > Clear Sync Settings

After doing so, you can relaunch your sync manager by going to:

File > Sync > Launch Intuit Sync Manager

2. Try closing the program and restarting the computer.

3. Oftentimes, a problem may be due to a conflicting firewall. You can try turning off any antivirus or Windows firewall. 

4. Sometimes sign in problems are caused by not using the correct email (there will be a related error message).  You can find out what it is by calling Intuit at 1-800-4INTUIT, asking for  connected services, and providing your Quickbooks license number, name of business, and name on your account.

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