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The positive ROI of field sales software

Tips & Advice - May 12, 2015

It can be difficult to get top level management on board when considering a field sales software solution for your company. Innovation is generally seen as a positive thing, but innovation that brings substantial change may make company leaders wary.

One of the best ways to get executives on board is to show them that mobile field service software will have a positive impact on the company, by promoting growth, encouraging efficiency and giving the business an edge over the competition.

Companies with field teams know how difficult excessive paperwork and the lack of communication between representatives and managers can be in the long run. Field teams need to be able to close orders and close them quickly. They also need to be able to reach a manager quickly in case of any problems, or have information on hand to fix the problem on their own.

Field service management software is the answer to these problems. Not only does it offer an easy route of communication between sales teams and managers, it can simplify other operations across the company. Orders can be made in real-time, with no physical paperwork required, via mobile invoicing. GPS can ensure employee accountability. In addition, field service software can be linked back to and populated with information from business software like QuickBooks or SAP.

The costs of traditional paper forms, including storage, data loss and administrative overhead are all eliminated. Field sales software also offers users the ability to create a number of custom forms that can be used to collect data, conduct surveys and even recruit new clients.

Managers who wish to help their field sales business blossom should consider the impact field sales software can have on sales, growth margins and even payback periods. The benefits ensure a positive ROI.

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