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Using field software to prevent client data decay

Tips & Advice - May 11, 2015

High quality data is imperative to the success of field sales. Today’s sales companies compete by their ability to absorb and respond to information. This makes data critical for business operations, but only if it’s good data. This means that it should be up-to-date, clean and usable.

The Data Warehousing Institute estimates that data quality problems cost U.S. businesses more than $600 billion a year. Approximately 2 percent of customer records become obsolete per month, due to a variety of external and internal reasons. Sometimes clients move their business or shut down altogether, other times data entry errors and system migrations on the part of the sales business are the source of errors.

The good news is that field service management software can help decrease the risk of client data decay. Here is how:

Collect only the data you need: In an effort not to gather too little information, many sales representatives go above and beyond in terms of data collection. Evaluate what kind of information your business needs to conduct operations before sales reps are sent into the field, and make sure only requested information makes it into databases.

Check information regularly: It’s impossible to eliminate data decay entirely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead of it. Instead of waiting until an order is not delivered or someone makes an angry phone call to find out that a client’s information is out-of-date, be proactive. Check client records regularly and ask field reps to have clients confirm information before placing an order.

Automate through technology: Field sales software can help eliminate one source of data decay — human error. Collecting customer information through digital forms and mobile invoices cuts down on the number of people who interact with a data set.

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