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2 customer service values served by field sales software

Tips & Advice - May 5, 2015

Small and medium-sized business are acutely aware of the importance of quality customer service. Research shows that developing long-term relationships with clients is essential to retention, lead generation and revenue growth.

For field sales representatives, customer service may come as a challenge. Reps are separated from their managers and teammates, meaning that they must be able to deliver exceptional customer service independently.  Fortunately, field service management software offers sales representatives a tool to fulfill top customers service values:

Personalization: Customers want to know that their sales representatives understand their needs personally, and are offering unique solutions to help them solve problems. Scripted pitches tend to fall flat, as modern day consumers become increasingly savvy about the way sales teams operate. Clients don’t want to be treated like a “sale,” but instead like a person. To achieve this sales representatives should be able to access a detailed database of customer information, from contact information to the specific pain points they need solved and the previous purchases they have made. Field sales software can put such information into the palm of a sales reps hand.

Integrity: Clients that do business with a retail partner want to be sure that they are getting the products they purchase without delay. This means that all products must be well-stocked and available at the time of sale. In some sales environments the excessive paperwork that must be filled out and approved before an order can be placed sometimes mean that by the time an order is sent in, products have gone out of stock. Sales software eliminates physical paperwork and allows reps to ensure stock in real time, before sending an order out. The digital order form is immediately received by the supplier, which can then begin the process of order fulfillment.

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