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Field management software and product protection

Tips & Advice - May 3, 2015

Field sales representatives have a number of unique responsibilities. They are required to spend their workdays away from a main office, working independently, meeting clients and fulfilling duties. Their work often requires them to handle large territories and handfuls of customers. In addition, many field reps are required to deliver, merchandise and sell products that are incredibly fragile and need a gentle touch. This adds a whole new level of responsibility to the position, requiring reps to ensure the safety of a product from the moment it is placed into a truck to the point when it reaches a customer.

Product delivery has a number of rules that must be adhered to, from travel and handling to shelf placements. Field sales representatives must be equipped with tools that keep teams educated, ensure product protection and raise the level of employee accountability. Field sales management software can meet all of these requirements.

Firstly, field service software increases accountability through tracking capabilities, which allow managers to control operations and track sales teams in real-time. When distributors are handling delicate products they are often required to follow strict transportation protocol. Tracking increases accountability, so that reps know that there will be consequences for deviating off course or delivering a damaged item.

Field service management applications also open the lines of communication and increase the speed and quality of exchanged messages. In-application message means that reps and managers both have extra information on hand — such as GPS location of the rep, the client they are visiting, the product being delivered and delivery timeframe. A message does not have to explain anything but the reason for communication, whether it is a problem that needs to be fixed or a rep reporting in a successful delivery.

Field sales is a complex and often tricky position. It’s essential that managers support their teams through the use of appropriate technology.

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