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Using mobile software to attract retail partners

Tips & Advice - April 28, 2015

For anyone in the business of sales, attracting retail partners is an ongoing mission.

While there are a number of strategies a company can employ to bring in new partnerships, one of the best ways is by equipping employees with up-and-coming software solutions. Here are two reasons why field sales management software can help companies of all sizes attract retail partners:

Simple ordering: Sales representatives must be able to quickly and easily place purchase orders once a deal has been closed. Prospective retailers want to be able to trust a sales team and an efficient ordering system is one way to develop that trust. Without field sales software retailers have to wait to find out if their products have been ordered. However, options like inSitu Sales make it possible for sales representatives to place orders without leaving a retailer’s sight. Customers can look over an order before it is set in, ensuring that the right product in the correct amount is being purchased. Mobile invoicing then allows retailers to receive a receipt for their order in their email, instantaneously.

Open merchandising: Retailers want to know that sales representatives are promoting their products honestly. This means that a product should be in stock and there should be no product void problems down the line. Generally vendors and retailers share the responsibility of properly merchandising product, which means that a retail partner will want to be sure that a vendor is performing its duties, as outlined in the partnership agreement. Field service management software increases accountability by tracking merchandising. This way out-of-stock products are never sold as “in stock,” and other stocking issues can be dealt with quickly.

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