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Preventing employee disengagement with field sales software

Tips & Advice - April 28, 2015

Keeping employees engaged is a challenge for employers in every industry. According to a recent Gallup poll, less than one-third of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014. This average is up from the previous year by about two percent, but that’s not much.

One way to help employees engage in their work is to use technology to support them. Here are two causes of employee disengagement and how they can be combated through the use of field sales software:

Inadequate resources: According to USP Business Development one of the leading causes of disengagement was inadequate resources, where individuals and teams felt that they were not “provided with the systems, equipment or information to fulfill tasks — or equipment/information is faulty/out of date.” It’s necessary that teams are equipped with software solutions that are built with their roles in mind. Field sales software directly enables sales representatives working in the field to perform duties related to their position quickly and easily.

Lack of recognition: Disengaged employees sometimes feel that the positive work they accomplish is not noticed or appreciated. Employees that feel their performance garners no recognition are less likely to continue doing good work, because they feel there’s little to no incentive to go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs. This form of disengagement is especially prevalent in field sales teams, where tracking performance can be difficult. In this case field service management software can help track employee performance, allowing managers to fairly reward top performers for their work.

Field sales software has a number of benefits beyond simply supporting sales processes. Used properly, software solutions can help the entire business flourish. For businesses to continue to grow it is important to fight employee engagement wherever possible.

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