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3 characteristics of field sales employees

Tips & Advice - April 28, 2015

Hiring employees for field sales work can be a challenge. While they require many of the skills other sales personnel possess, they must also be able to adapt those traits to fostering relationships and bringing in business from the field.

Here are the top characteristics to look for in successful field sales representatives:

They are self-managing: Field sales reps spend a lot of time away from the main office. This means there is not always a supervisor around to motivate or guide sales reps. The best field sales reps are able to manage themselves masterfully. Not only can they stay on top of their responsibilities, they also know when to stop.  A burned-out employee isn’t going to help anyone’s business, so it’s important that employees understand not to spread themselves too thin.

They aren’t afraid to ask questions: While it is important for field sales employees to know how to work independently, they should not be afraid of reaching out and asking questions when they hit a hurdle. It’s natural for employees to occasionally encounter issues that they need help with. A poor field sales rep will simply ignore the problem until it “goes away.” Meanwhile a successful representative will immediately check in with a manager in an attempt to solve the problem.

They are accountable: Field sales employees must be able to hold themselves accountable and reach the goals that are set for them. In the field, managers cannot chase reps around to ensure that they are doing their jobs, so managers need to trust that their employees will fulfill their responsibilities on their own.

Field sales software is a good way to ensure that sales reps are reaching their goals. Supervisors can use systems of communication within the software to touch base with workers. In addition such programs, like inSitu Sales, offer a range of tools to make a sales representatives’ job easier, including easy synchronization with company software like QuickBooks or SAP.

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