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Rotation in field sales territory management

Tips & Advice - April 20, 2015

It’s impossible for sales teams to be everywhere at all times. This is one of the many reasons sales territory management is important.

While most companies understand that efficient territory management is essential to field sales. It ensures that sales reps are not competing with each other, customers are happy and goals are met. However, many businesses don’t realize that a key to effective territory management is rotation.

On the surface static territories might seem like a good thing. Customers build long-term relationships with certain reps, bring in orders regularly and business thrives. Reps become suited to particular territories and are able to constantly and consistently close deals in the areas they manage.

However, studies suggest the representative rotation might actually have a positive effect on customer interaction and the company as a whole. New reps can inject a spark into a process that customers are probably too familiar with and can bring in fresh business.

Rotating can also push reps to become aware of changing demographics or consumer opinions and make changes to the sales process based on that information. In this way the company evolves alongside the customer, instead of remaining stagnant.

As a general rule companies should evaluate their territory plan yearly and make adjustments to accommodate changes in existing territories. Customers and reps should be informed of representative changes ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

Change time should depend on things like team morale and customer satisfaction — you never want to rotate territories when customers are already unhappy or teams are feeling low. Field sales management software can help you collect the data you need to understand when territories can be rotated.

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