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Convincing executives to invest in field software

Tips & Advice - April 14, 2015

As a field sales manager it is your job to be aware of the best ways to solve any problems your team might encounter. Many managers eventually stumble upon field sales software as an excellent tool to aid field sales representatives in their work — but getting the higher-ups on board can be a difficult task.

Here are three tips to help you convince executives to invest in field service software:

Know your software: You should have at least one software in mind that you can talk about knowledgeably to executives. Software specialist Mary Bray states that the three most likely questions you will hear from your bosses when pitching field software is: “How much will it cost?”, “How will this benefit the business?” and “How can we implement this with minimum disruption?” You should be able to answer all these questions and more. The best way to do this is to explore demos or free trials of the software, allowing you to match your company’s pain points with the precise features that the software offers.

Get employees involved: A great way to get executives on board with a new software is to gather support from your sales team. Allow they to test the various options you are considering and offer their suggestions. This step also allows employees to try out software and gives you a better idea of which solution would suit your team better. At some point sales representatives will have to be trained to use the software in daily operations, which means that their involvement is a good way to start the implementation process.

Be prepared: Aside from the questions mentioned above, executives will also be ready to point out the negatives of adopting new software. Be ready to answer their concerns. For example, what if your boss is concerned that a new software won’t be able to integrate with current solutions? If you have chosen inSitu Sales, you will be able to state that the software seamlessly connects to applications like QuickBooks and SAP.

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