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3 more principles of the consultative sales process

Tips & Advice - April 10, 2015

Companies are always passionate about the product or service they are selling. They know why it works, why it ought to be used and how it will make lives easier. But the truth is that of the many reasons a product or service may be outstanding, only a few will apply to each individual client. If a sales representative spends a lot of time discussing a number of great things that a product can do, but none of those things are relevant to the client, you lose out on valuable sales time and you might even lose a potential customer.

On the other hand, a salesperson who understands precisely why a certain client should select a specific product is more likely to be able to close a deal. This is why consultative sales, the approach that encourages dialog between salespeople and customers and pushes reps to understand their customer’s needs, works so well.

In an earlier blog post we discussed consultative sales, its uses in field sales and three of its major principles. Here are three more principles of consultative selling that sales reps should follow:

  • Teach: You have researched your client, asked them questions and actively listened to their answers. Now it’s time to teach. Consultative sales is about dialog exchange, which means you should be responding to the customer’s business concerns. Remember, this may not always include talking about your product or service.
  • Qualify: The next step is to qualify leads. Qualified leads have goals and challenges to overcome that could be solved by your product or service. They also have a budget and the authority to make a purchase for their company. These are the leads you are going to move forward with.
  • Close: It should be easy to seal the deal with qualified leads. However, if you meet any resistance at this point in the process point out the consequences of not purchasing your product or service — the goals they need to meet will have to wait and solutions to problems will take longer.

Make sure to use field sales software to support the consultative sales process at all times.

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