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Team tracking key to employee accountability

Tips & Advice - March 27, 2015

Successful sales teams are built upon a culture of responsibility, self-direction and drive. Creating and maintaining this environment can be difficult for managers and business owners who lead field sales teams. Geographically dispersed employees can be tough to track and holding individuals accountable for their work becomes harder with the decreased visibility.

One way to overcome this is to use field service management software, which offers innovative methods of  territory management. Such software increases accountability by focusing on two different functions: communication and visibility.


Direct communication between managers and sales reps is vital because it allows managers to convey goals and expectations, and opens the door for employees to clarify responsibilities and ask questions. The “open door policy” not only makes reps feel valued, it also provides them with a support system out in the field. This promotes responsible behavior by showing the rep that a manager is always available.

Field service software facilitates communication between managers and sales teams through features like instant internal messaging. Managers do not need to make endless phone calls in an attempt to locate a sales rep. The tap of a button and a message is sent to the individual team member instantly.


Geo-tagging and GPS tracking are two quick was field sales software opens the doors for increased accountability. Real-time tracking allows managers to see where reps are at any time during the work day. Combined with sales data this information can quickly tell a manager whether or not an employee is meeting clients and achieving goals.

When employees understand that their activities and locations are being tracked they will be more likely to fulfill their responsibilities. A good way to leverage this capability is to add incentives to acknowledge daily duties.

With 11 percent of businesses reporting that over 50 percent of their employees shirk responsibility, employee accountability is an important aspect of your business.

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