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Motivate employees with field sales software

Tips & Advice - March 26, 2015

Motivated employees are successful employees. This is especially true in field sales, where workers are on their feet all day, isolated from other employees and managers and forced to depend on their own prowess to get the job done. The lack of moral support and supervision can quickly take its toll. A recent national study suggested that less than 25 percent of non-management employees is fully motivated, and therefore productive, at work. Low engagement can lead to costly turnover and dissatisfied customers.

One way to get employees excited about their job is to implement a field service management software that accomplishes these tasks:

Identify top performers: Encouragement for excellent performance is a great motivator. Field sales software allows managers to track the progress of numerous activities on the field. This provides a quantifiable scale upon which to judge employee performance. Employees with the highest sales numbers, the most client visits or the largest sales radius, for example, can be easily identified and rewarded for their excellent work. Another option is to offer incentives for achieving certain sales standards or for achieving specific goals.

Streamline communication: The lack of easily accessible support systems in the field can be a disadvantage for sales teams. Everyone needs to ask advice at one point or another, but it can be difficult when there is no connection between the sales team. Field service software can motivate employees by providing a streamlined communication system.

Freedom to perform: Imagine yourself as a sales representative — you are on the cusp of closing a great deal, but you are forced to wait in limbo for instructions from a manager or paperwork from administration. Many employees find that the lack of freedom within their job — that is, the inability to take charge and be proactive — limits their ability to perform. Field sales software tools rectify this issue by giving sales reps all the information they need in the palm of their hands. Digital forms and other methods of automation make the entire sales process simpler.

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