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Customer service for field-based sales

Tips & Advice - March 25, 2015

Clients call the shots. This is true for most businesses today. Power has shifted for corporations to consumers, which means that companies cannot expect to stand out based on their price or product alone.

According to Forbes, a customer experience impact survey found that 86 percent of consumers would pay more for better customer experience, while 89 percent had done business with a competitor following poor customer experience at a certain company. Another estimate suggested that bad customer service costs U.S. enterprises $83 billion annually because of defections and abandoned purchase. That’s a big price to pay for customer service.

In field sales representatives connect with customers and clients on a daily basis. The proximity and immediacy of these interactions offers business the chance to maximize customer service quality, but one wrong impression and you could be in trouble. For this reason, it is important to remain constantly vigilant and to take an active approach to customer service improvement.

Field sales management software is an excellent tool to help meet and exceed customer expectations. It can help by:

  • Providing instant service: Customers don’t have to wait for invoices to reach them or payments to be accepted. The sales representative can handle that without even leaving the client’s sight. Once orders have been processed delivery estimates and tracking information can be sent directly to a client’s email without delay.
  • Opening the door for communication: Custom forms and questionnaires can help ensure that customer voices are being heard. Giving clients an official outlet for their concerns shows a commitment to change.
  • Decreasing errors: Mistakes happen, but when they results in a customer receiving the wrong service or product they can result in lost business. Field service software allows errors to be corrected at the point-of-sale. Customers can look over all order forms before a rep sends them forward for fulfillment.

Make sure you are leveraging your software so that both the customer and your business benefit.

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