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Improve sales order accuracy with field sales software

Tips & Advice - March 20, 2015

As individuals experienced in sales know, sales order accuracy is paramount to successful business operations.

Error-ridden sales orders cause problems across the supply chain. Customers may be billed incorrectly or suppliers might be dispatched to the wrong location with the wrong products, costing your company valuable time, labor costs and maybe even clients.

Sales orders are often created as documents separate from customer purchase orders. Sales orders may contain several customer purchase orders, and most companies generate large volumes of sales orders, meaning that manual generation is extremely difficult. Typing a large number of forms into a computer might be faster than writing all that information down, but it still leaves room for human errors, like typos. One extra zero and a customer’s bill can shoot through the roof. A simple misspelling and a client might be charged for and receive a product they had no need of.

Automation, such as that provided by mobile business management software, allows information sharing between a variety of documents. For example, a sales order could be digitally connected to a purchase order and a customer application workflow. Information from already completed and verified forms could then be used to populate sales orders, minimizing the opportunity for human error and decreasing the chances of inaccuracies. Sales orders can also be relayed to customers quickly, via email, allowing them to look the document over for mistakes before the sales is finalized.

Here are some more benefits of using mobile business applications to manage sales orders:

  • Order dispatch: Field service software, and devices that run such software, often comes equipped with GPS. This can be used to determine where the closest service assets are and dispatch them to minimize wait time after a sales order has been processed.
  • Reduce customer questions: Naturally, customers will be eager to know when their service or products will arrive. It is easy to notify customers with sales apps and let them know instantly via email or text messaging when they can expect deliveries.
  • Quick billing: Completing sales orders quickly and accurately makes it possible for the bill to reach the customer quickly so that your company can get paid. Invoices can often be generated alongside the sales order and emailed to customers immediately.
  • Decreased order duplication: A single, unified sales management software means that any forms generated will be shared with all relevant departments in the company. All teams will have one version of sales orders and invoices, which reduces confusion and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Using software and applications to generate sales order decreases the chances of errors and helps create a smooth sales process from start to finish. Digital sales forms also help companies conduct data analysis. All the information is stored safely in one place, and can be accessed at any time.

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