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How digital order capture improves customer engagement

Tips & Advice - March 19, 2015

Customer engagement can mean the difference between a highly successful business with a loyal customer base and a business that's just doing “okay.”

Studies find that customers who engage with companies on a regular basis, through long-term, sustained communications, spend 20 to 40 percent more on that company's brand or product than disengaged consumers. This means that your bottom line may be riding on whether or not you are able to meaningfully engage with customers on a regular basis. 

For field sales representatives, who meet with customers and clients often and are able to take advantage of the personal connection that face-to-face conversations offer, improving customer engagement means something a little different. In order to build loyal relationships that extend and last field sales representatives have to take into account the full spectrum of customer experience. This includes the first meeting, the sales pitch, the deal closing, product ordering and product delivery. Each step of the way the customer should feel that the sales rep is answering their questions, solving their problems and hearing their ideas.

On the surface digital order capture may not seem like a customer engagement tool. After all, it simply automates the ordering process, right? This is absolutely true, and it is also why digital order capture is a necessary part of customer engagement. A sales representative's duty is to engage customers on every level, including ordering. Here is why digital order capture improve customer communication and engagement, which in turn increases loyalty:

Speed: The automation of digital order capture means that suppliers can receive an order request instantaneously, and customers can have their order details in their inbox in a matter of seconds. Customers are able to see real-time results and progress and that visibility allows them to be part of the process. 

Accuracy: In the days of paper-only communications errors in contracts or on paperwork would only come to light after being verified by the main office. Mistakes on purchase orders can wreak havoc sales reps, suppliers, main office managers and customers. With electronic invoicing and data capture information can be checked for accuracy at the point-of-sale. Sales representatives can correct any errors before they ever leave the customer's sight.

Out-of-Stock Instances: Out-of-stock instances cause a lot of problems for business, including a loss of revenue and diminished brand image. What's worse than a product a customer wants being out of stock? A product void, when an item will not be reordered because it has fallen out of distribution. Field service management software and digital order capture allow sales reps to perform on-site inventory audits and ensure that products are available for customers before they finalize their decision.

In general, digital order capture speeds up the ordering process and ensures that orders placed are accurate, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement. 

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