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Why field management software must be mobile

Tips & Advice - March 18, 2015

There is no way to escape the mobile technology boom. We might look back nostalgically to the good old days when books looked like books and people read newspapers on trains, but after a while even we must shrug our shoulders and pick up our smartphones/tablets/netbooks and plug in like everybody else.

Mobility has undoubtedly revolutionized our world and made our lives easier. The connectivity that it offers has a number of applications, not only in our personal lives but in a business context as well.

In field sales mobile technology is necessary for better sales outcomes. Here is why:

Closing deals without paperwork: For a long time field sales teams were forced to use stacks of paperwork to close a deal, which took time and was often an obstacle for consumers who were disinclined to sign page after page of documents to close a sale. Mobile technology allows sales representatives to close deals at the client's doorstep, without excessive paperwork or any back and forth between the client and the main office. As soon as a sale is agreed upon the client can sign-off on it using a tablet or smartphone equipped with field service software.

Increase return on investment: If your sales team isn't mobile there is probably a lot of downtime during which sales representatives handle administrative work — delivering paperwork and contracts, for example. This tends to take away time that could be spent on getting more sales. Mobile business applications allow sales people to focus on selling, increasing sales ROI.

Transparency: Visibility in sales is imperative to high performance results. Management and sales representatives should be able to see what work is being done, how many sales are made in a specific time period, which employees are working great and which might need extra support. Mobile field sales software can collect important data and display it in easy to understand forms and reports for analysis.

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