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How to sell without selling

Tips & Advice - March 5, 2015

In a way, sales has permeated our society. Individuals are bombarded from messages from all sides, each insisting it has the answer to all the customer's problems and demanding they make a purchase. The internet has allowed selling to spread to an all new medium. It's no surprise then that as consumers become more savvy, and engage more with modern day technology, they become increasingly weary with being sold to.

It is time for sales representatives to change tactics. The old methods are not working. There needs be a shift away from hard-selling and a focus on commissions to a consultative approach. 

Sales representatives can learn to sell without selling by following these tips:

Be knowledgeable: Your job as a consulting figure is to understand the product or service you are promoting better than you understand yourself. You should also be aware of the market for similar products, and what the competition is offering. You need to be able to educate customers so they can understand why the solutions you provide are best for them. Remember, if the consumer could get the information you offer from the internet, you're not doing enough. 

Relax: It's not you versus the customer. They are not a target and your mission is not to whittle away at their resolve until they give in to your terms. You can only sell to people who truly need your service.

Sell beyond the product: Are there service your company offers beyond the product you are selling? For example, does your business use field service software that allows customers to get in touch with you immediately in case of a problem or track their deliveries? Don't forget to let consumers know you're not just offering a product or service, you are offering a relationship with your company.

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