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Sales Tools - February 17, 2015

There are tools we use today that five short years ago we could not even have fathomed existing. Technology has transformed us, from our personal lives to our business operations. Today’s sales software and gadgets allow teams to set up goals, target and communicate with customers, close sales and maximize profits. Mangers can monitor their employees, and sales teams no longer have to operate from inside an office, and can instead take their business to the field.

If you are considering updating your sales procedures with tech (and you should be!) here are a few places to start:

Salesforce: This software is a leader in customer relationship management. Salesforce helps reps gather leads and store customer information. Managers can assign specific leads to individual team members, whose progress can then be tracked as the close the lead. Analyze data to discover top performers and areas that need improvement.

Keynote: Your sales representatives might be used to carrying sales pitch on index cards, as files on a laptop or even stored safely in their minds. Take away the risk and mobilize product pitching by using Keynote, which allows your team to carry presentations on their phone or tablet. Pocket presentations are impressive and allow customers to hear about and visualize your services right from the palm of a hand.

inSitu: “In Situ” is a Latin term that literally translates to “on site” — and that is precisely what this application helps your sales team do: take the sale to the customer. inSitu is a field service management software. The software gives reps the ability create mobile invoices, bring up estimates, record payments, track customer base by sales route or territory and send and receive real-time data, among other features.

Versatile and modern technology is the key to successful sales in this era. Take the time to invest in tech that will help your sales team perform even better than before.

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