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Tips for maximizing field sales

Tips & Advice - February 12, 2015

Busy travel schedules require field sales reps to rely on field service software to stay connected with customers and coworkers, and streamline business processes. A few short years ago such mobility demands would have necessitated lugging around large laptops and using temperamental internet connections. Today field sales gadgets could fit into your back pocket, with the advent of smartphones, tablets and mobile business applications. Of course effective field sales means maximizing the use of all tools in your repertoire, such as:

Modern devices: Sleek, shiny phones and other similar devices are the cream of the crop these days, and tend to be status symbols. Clients who see reps pulling out bulky laptops may be turned off by the appearance of old technology, which suggests your company doesn’t concern itself with abiding by the times. Beyond client-appeal, mobile tech is simply more efficient than for field service uses. The smartphones and tablets of today can be used to access presentations, videos, customer feedback and a wealth of other information, making large computers unnecessary. Most devices are also fitted with 4G or 3G capability, making unreliable Wi-Fi connections obsolete. Your business should make it a point to invest in the most modern technology available.

Real-time data: Field sales requires accessibility to the latest business data available so that reps are able to conduct personalized, relevant and intelligent conversations with prospects and customers. There is no time to run back and forth from the office or to phone in higher ups to get information. Clients want seamless presentations, quick time information and immediate results. We live in a culture where instant gratification has become increasingly important. There are a number of mobile applications available today that provide real-time tracking and feedback capabilities. Employ the use of software that best fits the needs of your employees as well as those of your customers.

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