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Software tools to take your business to the next level

Tips & Advice - February 12, 2015

Mobile business applications and software may just be a few small cogs in the larger, well-oiled machine of an organization, but they are often critical to a company’s functions. For startups in particular, mobile solutions can offer big advantages in a tiny, virtual package. Keep these different types of software in mind when considering upgrading your organization’s technological capabilities.

Customer Relations Software: Better manage contacts, tasks and projects, while keeping an eye on sales trends and business efficiency with customer relations and sales software. When choosing software keep in mind how many people will be using it. Some systems work much more efficiently for smaller companies, while others are tailored to be used by large organizations. Look for apps that are interoperable to increase flexibility and span of applications.

Service Management SoftwareManagement software offers a collaborative online workspace for remote operations. Sales representatives can log activities, print invoices, and woo clients via a simple mobile app. Meanwhile field service applications offer those in leadership roles the ability to keep track of business operations in real-time. Keep an eye out for apps that allow some level of customization, to suit the needs of businesses who serve a variety of clients.

Storage Software: Today’s typical online storage applications (such as Google Docs) offer much in the way of real-time project partnership, without spending excessive time transferring documents between parties. The size of your project team will have a lot to do with what kind of software you use. Intuitive, user-friendly programs are most beneficial to startups, who do not have the ability to conduct in-depth training sessions. Most free software in this category is disorganized and can get messy to use the larger your team.

New business owners can take advantage of new software to take care of the majority of their business functioning needs. Many companies offer free trials of their software, so exploit such opportunities to try numerous programs and find the ones that best fit you.

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