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2015 sales trends

Tips & Advice - February 12, 2015

The first quarter is upon us and VPs, executives and sales managers are all hunkering down for the final stretch. There is never a lull in the world of sales and staying ahead of the competition means thinking on your toes and having the knowledge to succeed. A year’s trends can tell you a lot about where an industry is going and what improvements you might have to make in your own business. Here is where 2015 is heading from a sales perspective:

Visual storytelling: Consider the new year a perfect opportunity to refresh your sales tactics. Advertising is an ever-changing business, and it’s important to stay on top of what consumers are responding to best. Instead of sticking to generic methods (no matter how tried and true), consider a new approach. 2015 promises a trend of visual storytelling in sales. Stories are engaging and persuasive, and revitalize the traditional sales pitch. Adding a visual element, such as video testimonials for example, enhances both credibility and engrossment. People are more likely to listen to your message if it is being relayed to them in an enticing way.

Embrace social media: We are fourteen years into the new millennium and there are still companies out there that have not fully embraced social media, or who are not using social media to its full potential. Social strategy is imperative to business success in this era. Online communication offers a unique form of connection with clients and consumers, by creating discussions and building networks. Not only will social media help spread your brand’s popularity, it will also strengthen relationships already in place.

Go mobile: Mobile devices and applications have taken sales to a new level, and have made field sales more productive and practical. Make it a point to invest in field service management and sales software to turn mobile technology into top-notch sales tools.

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